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    making the VRF header joint

    Does anyone have idea about making the header joint which is used in VRF piping instead of purchasing the supplier provided ones?
    The cost saving by using tools such as tee extractor and expander in preparing the header joints is obvious. It can be done exactly based on the specification of the supplier provided header joints and also the result can be tested for any leak in high pressure. Please let me know if you have any previous experience or know any technical issue to be considered in such cases.

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    The question is, even if you were able to duplicate the factory header exactly, after adding up the time and materials involved, including the opportunity cost of spending the time making the header vs. other things you could have been doing, would you save money over buying the OEM manufactured header?
    If yes, is it enough money to be worth the time spent building the header?
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    I'd purchase the factory fitting.
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    the question is (!),are the physical simulation and high pressure leak test, sufficient considerations for making the header or any other technical item exist??

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    Hemmed tee extractor and xpander?? Sounds interesting. Don't know ive seen that before.

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    I cannot imagine any VRF manufacturer allowing this. Their pipe sizing rules, fittings, etc. are all made so that their systems work when the finished product is installed. That's how they guarantee their product. If any contractor were to "custom make" fittings, even if they were in the tightest of tolerances to the original product, I can only imagine that the manufacturer would not honor their warranty because the contractor violated instructions given to them in the VRF manufacturer's mandatory training course.
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