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    Question The Great Canadian Reefer Hoard!!

    So I am always looking to buy Tool's. I am going to be going on my own and need to have all the proper equipment. Today I found a listing for 30Years worth of a guys Reefer colection. He cliams it is "Turn Key Ready" to start your own bussiness. EVERYTHING!!! The only problem is it is a long drive 8HRs Roundtrip. I am also affraid that it will be all old stuff like the First recovery machine made etc. It could turn out to be a shed filled with everything a refer tech could every want and then some. The guy is eager to sell to a young guy starting out just his asking price is a little steep.

    What does my HVAC-Talk Family say Go for ?????

    The guy just had a life changing event and is throwing in the towel. I have also not seen pictures of anything.

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    In this day and age pictures are very available, if he is avoiding I would do a double take and not let emotions make the decision.
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    where is this cache of reefer stuff? is it the kijiji guy in london? actually, ancient tools would def suit your user name very well and you'll also need an F100 truck to drive around
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    A 4 hr drive each way is a lot of time and expense on a hunch... I would ask for more specifics... like lists and pictures.

    When I started out, I bought out a few folks retiring in the 'junk yard' part of a forum (not H-talk). Got some good stuff and some junk... it turned out good though.
    The folks I bought out had a list and a few pics... made the decision easy. The boxes of stuff were shipped to me.

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    Ask for pics or at least a list before wasting your time and gas

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    Quote Originally Posted by toocoolforschool View Post
    In this day and age pictures are very available, if he is avoiding I would do a double take and not let emotions make the decision.

    Pix are easy to send and fuel is expensive for a long trip like that.

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