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    air filtration and humidity control in marijuana grow rooms and animal barns

    I have two questions, (or maybe one question for two distinct circumstances) both about IAQ system design and requirements.

    First, has anyone here had any experience setting up a HAVC systems including IAQ elements for pot growing facilities in the "legal" states? I'm in Missouri and a guy I know who used to manage a local parts house moved to Colorado about 18 months ago. he has said there is big money in setting up these places. I was just wondering about the specs for those rooms. I would love to be ahead of the curve when it comes my way.

    Second, I may have the opportunity to bid on a large amount of geothermal work for both the heating and cooling of large animal storage rooms. (barns) The idea is to create a better environment for growing the feed animals. Current technology in the summer is giant fans on one end of the building and giant hole on the other end. so, you have hot animals losing weight and rampant disease. Closing up the building and providing cooling through geothermal may be financially feasible but I don't know about the humidity and air filtration problems.

    so, where is a good place to start learning about high capacity and specialized IAQ systems?

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    I dunno, sc will be the last state that "legalizes marijuana" so it probably won't be in my lifetime. I see where that could be a huge new market for hvac though because those are some pricey crops.

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    Personally I wouldn't stoop to that level any more than I would install hvac in a meth lab.

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    8th edition manual J has a section about latent load of houseplants. That's where I'd start LOL.

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    We do commercial greenhouses. I am sure that could not be anything but legal. The trick is that they need fresh air changes to maintain +400 ppm CO2 levels which is needed for any plant growth. Moisture levels should be <65% to avoid mold. Temps ideal are 75-85^F. It depends on the actual plants grown. A good dehumidifier with fresh air ventilation is part of the system. For more hands on info contact Cliff at Therma-Stor, 800 533 7533.
    Regards TB
    Bear Rules: Keep our home <50% RH summer, controls mites/mold and very comfortable.
    Provide 60-100 cfm of fresh air when occupied to purge indoor pollutants and keep window dry during cold weather. T-stat setup/setback +8 hrs. saves energy
    Use +Merv 10 air filter. -Don't forget the "Golden Rule"

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    It's just a commercial Greenhouse. Any university with a serious Botany program should have specifications for ideal growth climates. I've even heard of injecting CO2 into the building to increase CO2 levels.

    Consider the climate the building will be in and hte ideal climate for the plants and factor in all heat loads, latent loads, then desing a system to ventilate and dehumidify as needed. Unless it's a dry climate, you'll likely want a chiller for humidty control if you have large fresh air ventilation needs. It will be less maintnace and complex than a specialized dehumidifying AC unit like those used in nanatoriums and spas.

    One other feature you might want to consider for a 4 season climate, is a building with sliding roof panels. I saw this in Norhtern Illnois recently. A hotels pool was indoors, but the center roof panels slid open as well as 1 whole wall being sliding doors. I'm not sure if they plan on using natural light or all artificial lighting.

    Don't forget the heat load from the grow lights. I think you also get some heat form micorbiological activity within the soil.

    Condensate from the air handlers could be collected to water the plants. If in a cold climate, you will want to air wash the glass if using natural light to prevent condensation.

    Again, the most simlar design is that of indoor a pool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bhahvac View Post
    Personally I wouldn't stoop to that level any more than I would install hvac in a meth lab.
    Excuse me but you are comparing weed to meth?

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    yeah, that's a bit nuts.
    Always here

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