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    Smelly A/C Ducts

    We moved into a new home in July 2013. This spring (2014) I wanted to change the bedspread in our room. I bought one (made in China), and noticed that it had a strong smell like some things that are made in China. I figured it would dissapate, put it on the bed and left on vacation for a week. Unfortunately the smell did not dissapate, but made the whole room smell. I had the bedspead cleaned twice and the smell remained, so I returned it to the store. However, the smell remained. I thought it got in the curtains (brand new custom ones) so we sprayed them with Febreeze. The smell seemed to be the worst in the afternoon and evening. I would lay in bed and when the a/c came on I would have to cover my nose because it would almost make me vomit. Finally one evening when the a/c came on I sprayed perfume towards the return air vent. Since then I rarely smell it in our bedroom. However, I have been smelling it in another bedroom on the other side of the house that wasn't smelling before. My husband changed all the filters after the smell started and it didn't seem to make any difference. Does anyone know what could make that made in China smell and why it would move from one part of the house to another? I don't know what it is or what to do about it. Thank you so very much!

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    you can buy a scented liquid from hvac wholesalers that will dissolve over time in the ac and clean the air and help kill mould at the same time. It will travel through all vents.

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    i would get the ac inspected and the ductwork. so many possible things could be wrong.

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    Many possibilities on what could be causing odor. Definitely believe something inside your ductwork is causing smell. Hire professional to resolve your problem. I have an activated carbon filter installed on my furnace. This eliminates odors when fan blower is on. But new ductwork shouldn't smell offensive.

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