I was minding my own bussiness when this voice out of no where says: "You wont fit in there!"

Now many of you who know me KNOW what this thread is NOT ABOUT!!!

I was working on a slurpee 4 barrell and it was set right next to a two barrell slurpee. And this line up didnt permit much room for a tech of "my credentials" to fit betwixt em!

And she said these words to me just as I was trying desperately, litterally, to wedge myself in between these two Cornelious systems.

on my knee's, sideways, ON THE FLOOR, MOVIN THRU THE OOOOOOZ, rising back up, (on the other side), amidst tennnnicals akin to a sticky octopus!

Drain lines, power cables, syrup and CO2 lines... and once I got my fat butt back there I had the need for a wire tie.

Now I could see the store but I couldnt see my tool bag.

So I called out, "Hey... anybody out there?"

This kid poped his head in front of the "open space' and smiled. So I bribed him some cash to hand me a single black tie.


all in a daze work... right?