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    Braidedsteel refrigerant hoses

    Hi all. I recently saw a set of braided steel refrigerant hoses being advertised.

    Do any of you have a similar product? I've been through quite a few sets of refrigerant hoses and am curious as to how well these function and hold up. Thank you all in advance.

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    I would love to know too.
    In all honesty, I cannot see how the braid would make any difference!
    Maybe someone with experience with these can chime in!
    The looks, now that I like!

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    Slctech just posted a thread about building your own. It's called something to the effect of "to all the nay sayers". I'd love to have a set that'll last.

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    never had problems with the hoses themselves its always the dang gaskets in the low loss fittings, sorry back to point why would we need braided steel hoses ?

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