I've been in the trade for a little over 7 years now doing light commercial and supermarket refrigeration (and some residential on the side for myself. gotta have a hustle...). I live in Maryland and work in the Baltimore/Annapolis area carrying out service contracts for Shoppers Food Warehouse and a small number of Whole Foods. Also do work for Acme, Harris Teeter, Wal-Mart, Safeway and what remains of SuperFresh. I've been deeply involved in the install of a Super Wal-Mart and countless store remodels. I hold an unlimited masters license in MD.

My specialty is comm and control wiring but can/will do it all.

I have extensive experience with:

Danfoss building controllers (255, 55, EIL NC25)
Danfoss boards (RO, SI etc.)
Danfoss 202 case controllers
Danfoss 303 case controllers
Danfoss Ak164 Case controllers
Danfoss KVQ, and ESR valves
Danfoss AKD5000 VFD's
EIL/Danfoss DCU'S
Scottsman Flakers
Hoshizaki Flakers
Refrigeration Racks (IR, Hussman, Zero Zone, Tyler etc.)
Bacharach HGM's (Wall-mounted leak detectors)

As well as many other things found in a supermarket. I used to be the go-to maintenance person for SuperFresh before they went belly-up so I've worked on literally everything you can imagine inside a supermarket from jetting drains to food service equipment to coffee grinders to the little motorized shopping carts. I even repaired a machine that counts cash once.

I also have experience with Emerson Einstein controllers, Comtrol and Novar boards and controllers.

I flip houses on the side so I'm plenty familiar with residential HVAC as well.
Hopefully my knowledge can be of value to someone out there!