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Thread: balloon test

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    Hmm balloon test

    how do they do the balloon test as per nfpa 1996 for a hood install

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    Not sure of the numbers 1996. They pre-weigh specially made pillow cases. They look like car airbags. The pillow cases are securely tied to the hood fire suppression nozzles. A link is melted in the hood, usually the furthest one from the extinguisher trigger. The discharge duration is timed. Fan operation/ gas valve/ cooking electric sequence upon discharge is checked. Pillow cases are weighed for the amount of fire suppression material in them. Some inspectors want all the cooking equipment running when checked, including the fryers. Customer will have to dump oil out afterwards, as it will have some of the powder in the oil. Tip: Have someone ready to run and shut down the exhaust fan(s) in case a pillow case goes up the exhaust.

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