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    Technical questions

    Hi everyone I am a young hvac tech with most of my experiance being in commercial refrigeration, I have recently had the oppurtunity to get in with a heating and cooling contractor for more money and better benefits my thing is I haven't done much install so I had a couple of questions I was hoping some of you could help me with.

    1. Step by step friction loss method of sizing ductwork
    2. Sizing a/c and heating equipment including boilers
    3. Proper method of charging

    I know this is a lot but like I said I am a young tech still pretty new to the trade and believe me any help is very much appreciated.

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    Technical questions

    Get your post count up and apply for a pro membership. We really can't get too technical in the open forums. Pro status will let you have access to the locked forums which include all the technical knowledge you can absorb.

    In the meantime, google these three topics:

    Manual J
    Manual D
    Superheat and Subcooling.

    Good luck and welcome to the site!

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    If your locality doesn't require any standard of education to perform HVAC installs or service (as they rarely do) , you have these options to learn what you want to know (along with your own trial and error experiences)...

    a) get bits and pieces of information and "rules of thumb" from your employer, peers and us guys on the internet,


    b) purchase books, attend classes, read published articles for self study, and get bits and pieces of information and "rules of thumb" from your peers and us guys on the internet, compare them and decide which is best for you.

    B, I believe is the best advice. Ask specific questions on the topics you listed and we/I will be glad to help.

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    And join RSES and start reading their material, and take advantage of their ability to steer you to classes in your area if you need them.
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