Had a call today there warehouse cooler has a bad compressor, won't start, this is the first time I've ever been to this place. There unit is a 5 ton high temp air conditioner, matched up with a Larkin evap coil. I've only ran across 2 air conditioners being used as a medium temp coolers.This system didn't have a external receiver installed on it, the other one I saw way back when did. This system was just installed 2 years ago, obviously it didn't last. Question is, can I just replace this compressor (warranty) and install a receiver to it? Will this system last if I do, or do you think it's the high compressor ratios that killed this system, or both. I'm being told you can't do this cause of compressor ratios, but we all hear a lot from what we hear and read but aren't always the real world. If I install a receiver will I still be back in 2 years? Does the expansion valve system necessarily need the receiver or condensing coil storing the gas? Discharge problems? High compression ratios the problem? Have you guys seen AC systems used as a cooler that have lasted for years? I thought I'd ask all you guys, and will let owner choose what she wants to do, and I will quote her the correct matching condensing unit as well

Thanks guys