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    joining union through workers vote

    hey guys jus curious if anybody may have some input on the process of workers calling in the union for a vote. pros/cons of joining the union through an employee vote, I have heard company's will jus fold and setup shop in a different name and so on. should I be worried I could be terminated for taking part in the vote? how will the pay scale work ? we go from making an average hourly rate to union rates wont the company jus say no we cant afford that?, any advice or info would be appreciated

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    Unions are a love it or hate it proposition.
    Sure in most cases you get top dollar training.
    It all comes down to your individual goals and what you want.
    It's not if your doing it right it's whether your doing the right thing that is important.

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    in our area if an HVAC company employees has a vote and decide to go union, usually the company is already on board. If not and it does fold, usually the union takes the employees and finds them other jobs with union contractors

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    My current employer was voted into the union by workers choice,it happened 14 years ago, the owner sold the company two years later, today we are still union under the new owners.
    The pros of being union are better pay and benefits, the cons; being affiliated with a multi-trades union where service mechanics are a very small minority.
    Is illegal for the owners to retaliate against the workers for voting union, they will spread rumors and lies to preserve the status Q, with the union less money goes into the owner pockets and of course they dont want that.

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    Thread relocated to the jobs section

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    The answers are often determined by the size of the company involved.

    If you are talking about a smaller company that does mostly third-party commercial/retail they will probably be sold or close because they can never get paid that kind of money from the service brokers.

    If your company typically has the same types of business as the union contractors have, then there is a chance that this will stick.

    If a company feels that certain employees will vote the Union in they will magically be let go for violations of company policy that have nothing to do with the union or its voting. This will usually happen before the union vote is scheduled to take place.

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