This question applies to a small refrigeration system in a whole house dehumidifier. The system developed a refrigerant leak that went undetected for some time. The system was poorly designed such that it does not have a low pressure cut-off switch to shut of the compressor in the case of a refrigerant leak. Also according to the refrigeration schematic there is no filter/drier in the system either... Another poor design?

The compressor continued to run 24/7 for 3-4 weeks. During this time I am assuming that all of the refrigerant was pumped out and the system was open to the atmosphere to ingest moisture and any other contaminants in the local atmosphere.

Is this system salvageable and if so what should I look for to be done to the system? I am sure that the compressor has been stressed severely by this operation but just changing it won't remove any contamination or corrosion from the rest of the system. Is this system ready for the recycle bin?

My main concern is that because of this incident any attempted repair would be short lived at best and the unit will never achieve the longevity that it otherwise would have had it not developed this refrigerant leak.