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    Confused Thermostat wiring driving me mad

    I installed a 7 day programmable thermostat for my mom at the end of fall last year. I thought I had everything hooked up correctly until she needed the A/C. I don't know why this is racking my brain so much. But I just can't seem to figure out how to wire it. The furnace and the fan work. I messed around with it today and I got the A/C running using the setup pictured. The a/c did run, but the fan on the a/c unit turned off and I could hear the compressor still going (is that normal?) it's only 72 out. I realized I didn't pull the number 3 jumper, so I pulled it. It's working, but since there wasn't a wiring diagram for my unit, I just wanted to have a seasoned pros take a look at what I did. Feel free to make fun if I did something stupid.

    Oh and that is orange hooked up to the yellow.


    Installation Manual:


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    Site rules prevent DIY advice...but it's wired wrong. Any tech can fix the wiring in minutes.
    There's also a 800 number in the directions. I would call them.
    BTW, ask them if they can fix all the mis-spelled words, most 5...
    [DO NOT connect wires until you have cunsulted the Step by Step digrams. ]

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    To have a pro look at it pick up the phone and pay one. Peace.
    It's not if your doing it right it's whether your doing the right thing that is important.

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    I actually do have my regular guy coming Thursday, he said "Let me know if you figure it out otherwise I'll see you at 2pm". Tomorrow is going to be 90 degrees, which is why I was trying to get it fixed for her. Anyway, sorry about the confusion on the DIY, I mistook that as installing entire systems as quoted "step by step instructions". Was just looking for someone to look at the wiring diagram I made.

    Thanks anyways

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    Y did you not read the directions better. That is all I can say.

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