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    Some Thoughts From The ARP Committee

    ARP Members,

    Most of you know by now that we have some new representation in the forum that has brought a different perspective. As a general rule, the ARPC thinks that having varying opinions and viewpoints is good for the forum and good for discussion. Face it...things would get pretty boring in here if we all agreed all the time.

    But we are concerned with a vein of ugliness that has re-emerged with these new viewpoints that have come to our playground. There has been some name calling, some bashing, some intentional pot stirring that does nothing but cause tempers to flair and foster hard feelings.

    We want to remind each of you that every individual has the right to their own beliefs. In fact, for those of us in the US; these are rights guaranteed by our constitution. This includes free exercise of religion. And that goes for any religion. The same right that gives followers of one faith to practice it without persecution also guarantees the right to practice other faiths or no faith at all. For one belief to be free, all beliefs must be free.

    Disagreement in a discussion forum is good, that's what intelligent debate is made of. But to maintain the standards that are required of members of this site, a certain level of civility and respect for our fellow members is necessary. And I will remind you once again that the vast majority of us are brothers and sisters of the same industry. That should count for something.

    So while I don't expect any of you to change your party affiliation or religion, or even agree with those who believe differently; please show them some respect. And remember that it is human nature for a person to be defensive of someone or something that they love. EX: To a person of faith (any faith), it can be very offensive when his/her god is called names or insulted. Are you offended if someone says something mean about your wife? To a person of faith, a nasty insult to their god feels much the same way. Please remember this in your exchanges with other members. The ARPC tries very hard to stay out of the way so free and open discussion can happen here. But several recent events are making that very difficult for us to not step in. You can help us stay out of your way by following the forum rules and treating your fellow forum members with some respect.

    Thank you,

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