Hey everybody, I just joined this site today. I have read a lot of different posts around here and it seems like a really informative site. I currently work as a manager at business my father started in Orlando, FL. I got into this business about 8 years ago and have experience in everything from roughing a job in, trimming it out and starting it up. I have ran service and learned to diagnose many different brands of straight cool, heat pump and gas systems. I think probably the hardest was my next step in retail installations. It's probably the most grueling part of HVAC, but it can be profitable if priced correctly. From this step I went on to sales, which I really enjoyed and still enjoy to this day. I think talking to people and getting to know them and finding out what they want is exciting, like I'm making their day. I still do this a little bit, but now I handle the accounting and am in more of a managerial role. Since that doesn't really take up all my time I'll also manage our website as well as some marketing. I built the website we currently have now which i would post the link, but I already got in trouble today. Well I guess thanks for listening and if you have any questions fire away!