Hello, I'm new to the forums as a poster but have been reading for months!

I live in Northwest CT. I'm about to install central AC into a 1940s stone house. All new ducts and equipment. I'm going with the Carrier Infinity 21 SEER unit, 4 ton. It's a smaller house (1800 sq ft). My question relates to placement of the outdoor compressor unit. I have minimal foundation landscape as the stone is attractive and I don't want a giant AC unit near the house. My 3 car garage is mostly underground and is NOT under the house, there is a roof over the garage which is essentially at ground level. The garage stays basement temperature all summer (60-70s). CAN I PUT MY COMPRESSOR INSIDE THE GARAGE? This is a weekend house, so the unit will only be used when the house is occupied on weekends. Any experience doing this? Why can't I have the contractor put the unit in the garage? I sent my contractor an email and have not heard back yet. He is supposed to start work in 3 weeks. Much appreciate any feedback or comments!