Hello all,

Just bought a house, and it has the original 1949 single floor grate gas furnace in it,lol. It's been serviced every year according to the data sheet on the side, but I want to have a new unit installed.

I doubt I can get away from the single large grate setup, so I'm looking for some suggestions...

Like said, it was built in 49', is well insulated(walls are R-19), and the ceiling is blown in, it's a cape cod style with 2 small bedrooms upstairs, the first and second floor total 1480' sq ft of livable space(PA doesn't count the basement). The besement is full and finished, it has what looks like a small woodstove, but is gas, and it is old, my questions are...

What brand furnace do you recommend?

How many BTU's do you recommend for the single grate unit?

What would you recommend for the basement? (I'll have a rec room, gun room, laundry room, and the boat will live in there too)

I'm leaning towards a gas fired boiler for baseboards in the basement. I don't think I can do that upstairs because the floors, walls, and ceilings are all 1x6 knotty pine hardwood, and access would be tough without ruining it.

Once I get the detached garage in, I'll probably move over to an outdoor woodburner for garage heat and radiant driveway heat, so I also have that option as well down the road.