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    Trouble finding a fan and limit control

    This fan and limit control is for a 1992 Lennox Pulse 21.

    What is 'strange' is that this control uses 5 wires

    I have been to the parts store twice. They want to send me out with a 4 wire control.

    the 5th wire on the old control is labled LOW SPEED

    The model number on the old control does not seem to compute with anyone, including Google. The number is L6064 A 1193

    It has a 5" bar

    My questions are:
    Has anyone seen a similar problem before? And if so, what did you do?


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    Lennox is probly the only place that you are going to be able to get that fan/limit.
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    That is called a Limit and Modulation control. Basically it interrupts W1 to the VSP1 Control board and cycles off the gas valve whle the blower continues to run. It is basically a discharge temperature sensor for zoned systems that cycles the heating call without forcing the furnace to cycle on it's high limit. If Lennox no longer has it, check the wiring diagram and delete this function, but I would suspect that Lennox would have a few of those lying around for a premium price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by totaleclipse View Post
    Lennox is probly the only place that you are going to be able to get that fan/limit.
    from the past experience i've had with lennox, they seem to engineer their stuff so you have to get parts from them to fix it at all. get ready to bend over and take it like b*tch.
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    do you have a harmony zone control on this unit. If so then waht has already been said you will need to order this from lennox

    you can also put the zone system on central so all dampers remain open and let the unit run as a single zone syatem till the part comes in

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    get a company certified and knows the pulse , btw negative results about the pulse are from so called pros that dont know how to work on them, not a diy site

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