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    Garland and Imperial deep fryer problems

    First post here I hope I'm in the right place. I've got two deep fryers one is a newer imperial and one is an older garland. The imperial has a newer robertshaw millivolt valve and the garland has an older bleed valve. I'm having the same issue with both. They function properly except when the unit cuts off I have gas leaking out if my burner orifices and they are catching and holding a small flame. I have changed and adjusted thermopile and checked and double checked all my connections. I think I know the answer but I want some opinions before I go buy new valves for both. Thanks in adavance.

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    Gas valve sticking just replace them

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    Quote Originally Posted by marter View Post
    Gas valve sticking just replace them

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    The imperial fryer has a new gas valve, but it is leaking by when closed? Is it installed in the correct orientation (i.e, not backward)? If it is in the correct orientation, make sure there is sufficient supply gas pressure to the valve, as some valves require a slightly higher incoming pressure to the valve for it to operate properly (such as 5" w.c. to the valve, and 3.5" w.c. output side of valve, if it is self-regulating).

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