Wow , im astonished how unprofessional that 911 operator acted. Amanda was crying for her life , and all the 911 operator could think of was how fast can I get this girl off my phone line .... Really ??

Then HANGS UP on her

911 please help I've been kidnapped , oh too bad im hanging up now, talk to the police when they get there .... REALLY ??

Then tells the officer to "check this call out ", and doesnt even tell him whats going on , like it was nothing serious , oh its just another kidnapping.

Isnt the first rule to keep them on the line until police arrive ? Maybe keep them on the line to calm the victim ?

This woman needs to be fired asap.

Her name is Purdy

Purdy friggin ignorant if you ask me

If I lived in Ohio I'd be on the phone with 911 demanding her termination.