So with a heating season under my belt, I have come to my first slow period and don't mind it at all. The pocket book ain't as fat but the fishing isn't bad either.

Don't get me wrong I am out there trying to spur up business be it dryer vent, open fireplace chimney sweep, pitching a new unit etc.. but its slowing down at work

quite a bit. Understand that if the boss ain't making money I should be out doing what I can to promote, cultivate, and do my part to make money for the shop.

Taking it in stride I guess. What the office staff are doing now is calling all the clients over the last 40 years of business lists to book spring/summer

spring/summer discount services. It helps and things pick up in mide June etc.. So taking the N.A.T.E exam early June, because its a goal I have had since trade.

then will start to study/invest into the NFI Certs (thanks for the info Hearthman). Hope you guys are out doing well and the fishing is as good.

Robert Ornelas