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    Testing was done with the room Fresh Air not the Ductworx. However, if you look at the other testing both by the U of C and "in-house" at RGF they also used the room type product. I presume the PCO part of the device is the same system. In all probability they would produce the same types of results.

    Moldi, take another look at the test protocol on the "proof" of these products in reducing microbials. In the case of K State you have 24 hour exposure on stainless steal surfaces. In the case of the U of C you have exposure in a test chamber the size of a closet. Neither say what settings the devices were set on. Neither represents what would happen in a home or commercial building.

    Your experience might be positive. But I don't look at any of the data from these tests as proof of effectiveness.

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    Ya, I agree Breatheasy, the testing was bull****, I will give you that. I am dissapointed at the lack of information in the testing and will read over the white paper from ksu. Aparently the dept of agriculture felt the testing was adequit since they talk about RCI on their site too in an interview with Dr Marsden. There are a lot of people that are in high positions that believe in the technology. I don't know if it happened but I am pretty sure that walter reis hospital installed DWx's after their recent bout with bad iaq. I also think that since(if) the HEPA HVAC units are as good at particle removal, I think the two would make the ultimate system. I will warn customers to be careful with cleaning products but since everyone is starting to go green, at least most of the people that consider this technology, so products that cause problems wont be around much longer anyway. I think you will see all those harmful cleaners (which might I add are poisonus without the Fresh Air) made illegal or phased out. Lysol will be the first to go since it is such a toxic chemical. Anything that you can spray near a child that makes them write backwards should not be marketed as a cleaner that is great at getting rid of germs from kids when it is just as effective at getting rid of the kids.

    I am basining the majority of my oppinion on experience but I am taking the SARS testing and effectiveness at face value since it was on the news and it is common sense that h2o2 kills microbes so I don't doubt does kill stuff, I question it's effectiveness up to 3000sq ft. Same thing with the Norwalk epidemic that died off as soon as PCO cells were installed on cruiselines that had been having problems. Not to mention every steak you have ever eaten was packaged in a plant with that air technology to prevent surface contamination. I think people in the food industry would be the best people to back up these products.The ductworx is a 9inch cell and the FA is a 6" so there would be more oxidation but I am sure the results would be similar. I know that a lot of EQ dealers take petri dishes and leave them open near a supply vent and then do the same 3-5 days after putting a fresh air in the house and the reduction is 80-90% in the size and ammount of colonies on the dish. I know that isn't scientifically perfect but the effectiveness is obvious in that case

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    I spoke with an EQ MGR out in Cali and she said she has a guy in her downline that uses some type of VOC device. He is an HVAC engineer and I guess he plugs the unit in and leaves it for a week or two and it uploads info to his computer about the voc content in the house and reads it on graph form. I guess he has been doing this with the fresh air and the proof is on paper. She hasn't talked to him since April but is going to try to contact him to get him to call me so I can get some of his results. Apparrently it does extremely well.

    He would be one who can give you all the details since he is an engineer and everything I know about HVAC (which isn't much) I learned here.

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    Where you been moldi I missed ya.

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    I've been exploring other areas of IAQ and mold stuff...eased up on the EQ stuff but every time I almost believe something negative other than the pine sol thing that I still don't understand the VOC to particle thing but I tell people not to use pine sol or airfresheners now...not like you need it after RCI anyway... I just had another jumpin up and down happy customer cuz of how well a unit worked so I can't help but draw off their enthusiasm for the product...I have been staying clear of the network marketing aspect. Had a lot of mold stuff last month...this month has been pretty dead though. It floods at lest 2x a yr in nh so there will be another major work season in a few months.

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    Been doing alot of hospital work here. Prepping for some major projects coming up. Got a hospital with 17 50 to 100 ton air handlers we are fixing to start on. And the CIAQ board has been keeping us busy putting together reports and such. We are doing a presentation in October in DC for them at their scheduled meeting.

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    It sounds like the EQ distributor has an Air Advice. It would be interesting to see the results.

    Keep in mind that the pine scented cleaner represents just one of many terpenes that would react in the same way. Anything with a citrus scent also usually contains a high percentage of terpenes (d-limonene). The point is there are many substances that people use in their houses or on their person such as cleaners, air fresheners, perfumes, deodorant, after shave, etc. that have a scent, are VOC's and can react. What the experiments show is that one just does not know the outcome. It is almost like playing Russian Roulette with indoor air quality.

    Glad to hear your business is developing. Keep it up.

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    Ya, the chemical interaction thing bothers me but the majority of my customers are doing the "green" thing and have mostly ecofriendly cleaners anyway. I sell those too so I have brought it up with every customer since your results....the last two can't have stuff like that anyway cuz cleaners that are harsh give them headaches...I am keeping that as a focus when doing sales...I don't want to be responsible for hurting anyone but I do still think the device is useful if used withing certain parameters. Like for instance I did an inspection of this beautiful house that had a must basement but very minor surface contamination. The owner has been sick for over a year and she put the Fresh Air in her living room but closed the door to her bedroom. She said when she woke up she was still sick but after a couple hours of being in the room the FA was she felt better. They have 2 separate HVAC units so she is going with 2 9" ductworks, a FA and possible one for her classroom and now two other teachers who have the same problem want one too. So I have to weigh it against people who genuinely find that these units help destroy whatever is causing their problem. It is hard to tell someone that has been sick for a year that something doesn't work when they are no longer sick. I am watching this one closely cuz I think her problem is more related to offgassing of cabinets, furniture and everything in the house is laquered we shall see but she is very happy right now.

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    Hey mold inspector
    Do you have an email address Id like to send you some info

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