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    The higher humidity wouldn't create more ozone, the main use of the ozone in the UoC report was generated by the ozone generator. 80% of the ozone created from the light is used in the production of hydroxls and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) so it is adding those extra oxygen molecules to the H2O already in the air. The Uof C report also said that the ammount of ozone coming from the RCI was so little that it couldn't even inactivate stuff, so the inactivation was noted as from the RCI plasma itself.

    At one section they were useing the ozone generator itself...they broke it down to see what does what. That was where the level reading come from.

    If you run it on normal and put a meter in front of it you wont pick up anything. in a tube it maintains .01-.02ppb, which is why EQ has a dual RCI based machine without the ozone generator for Canada...since ozone generators are illegal there.

    So if ozone is such an issue toyou trial an RCI cell (not a unit- no ozone generator) and throw it in your system for a week and see if you like will smell a difference within hours.
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