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    A good entry level psychrometer?

    Hey guys I need to get a psychrometer for the A/C season and im new to the A/C side of things so I never needed one. My boss has an uei brand and some of the other techs have yellow jacket. I looked around online a bit and they seem to be about 100 bucks or so. I found a cheaper pen style one from supco for a decent price. My question is what would be a good psychrometer for someone starting out?

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    This is a highly rated supplier who supports this site.

    Lots' of guys but their stuff from them.

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    that will do you nicely
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    Quote Originally Posted by dandyme View Post

    that will do you nicely
    Yes, I really like mine, price is right too.

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    Yeah but the guy said entry level. STA 3 is a little more advanced than entry level, don't ya think?

    Testo stick does RH, WB and DB with no real psychometric skills,

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