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    What is the word containing the most consecutive vowels?
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    "QUEUEING" has five, and there are some other words, like miaoued (but that is a colloquial spelling) and the area near Quebec called, "Outaouais," but that's not really English is it?

    There is a six vowelled word in Latin which ends the religous chant "Gloria Patri" but I don't guess I can count that one either.

    Are any of these the one you are seeking?
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    Yup, queueing is the one I was after. Attaboy Bama! I guess you can always consider "Old McDonald had a farm, eieio" as another contender, but that's pushing it...

    "Outaouais" is the south-western region of Quebec just across from Ottawa, Ontario. Both names (Outaouais and Ottawa) are actually equivalent, and are the name of an indian tribe that lived in the area. The river between the two provinces is called both the "Ottawa river" in English and "Riviere des Outaouais" in French. There are other names like that around here, like the town of "Kanata" (now merged with Ottawa) and the name "Canada" both of the same indian origin, signifying "village". We have to tread lightly here, we're dealing with "Boss-land" country...

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    If you don't know what you're doing, do it neatly

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