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    Thumbs up Copeland Condensing Unit

    Got a service call on 2 reach-in behing the bar cooler
    med. temp..for beer & wine

    Both of them ..low on gas
    R-22 systems
    what would be the best way to charge these systems ?
    my scale froze up yesterday

    was thinking of using R.L.A at common
    at comp. or run... with amp probe ?

    any idea

    what the back psi...should be ?
    line set around 15'
    Copeland Condensing unit
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    wow maybe call someone who actually knows how to charge a unit without using a scale.
    we cant give out step by step info, your going to have to register as a pro for something like that.
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    go ahead and charge by RLA, that will give work to the person that has to fix what you did, keeps us all busy.

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    If its got sight glass on the system and box is warm and not froze up charge the system till the bubbles are gone,clear the glass up,if not 22 med.temp will run a bit higher pressure than a lot of lower pressure gases,Ide pump it up there slowly looking at what the system held,get the pressure up to 45 or 50 suction and check head presssure also if a port and ide keep it 250 or so if it wasnt extremely warm in the build.,let box get down to temp then check your superheat.Suction line temp-the temp of the refrigerant coming back to the compressor.If your running 40 psi suction pressure convert this to temp.using your guauges then subtract that number from the line temp say a foot or so from the compressor,should be 12 to 15 degree superheat when temp is close to satisfied.If the box has got a txv valve the superheat aret to stay pretty close to this threw the whole process.Now subcooling is kinda the opposite of superheat,you take the temp of the liquid pressure by checking pressure and changing it to temp and subtracting the line temp.I do like to dial in the charge just seems to work better for me,most of all on smaller system. Some of you guys have such a gifted finger for charging but ide take dialing it in any day,and good practice to change that filter dryer and make sure your leak is fixed and pull a good vac on the system.
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    Txv or Cap tubes ??????????
    Would the last person to leave NJ please put out the lights

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    Copeland Condensing Unit

    Good question
    Tx or Cap tubes ?
    I will let you know
    what i get the Evap. Coil Iceberg...Defrosted


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    reciever or no reciever.... shouldn't be ice there...
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