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    AX to Invensys network 8000

    Doing some work on a project that has a Network 8000 system, 2 GCM-86120 which are being upgraded to invensys Triduim jaces. trouble is I use AX jaces and the invensys guys say they can only use R2 for this system. anyone got an idea of the best comunication between their R2 jace and my AX jace? BACnet/ip ?

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    You will probably get a lot more answers on the Tridium forum than here. I suspect there are one or two guys here that have done it, I myself have not, but I am certain a ton of people have on the other forum.
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    Hampster, I have seen the same Q on the Tridium forum. I have a similar issue for a different application (using Jace2 with new Tenant Billing Service) which requires data passing.
    I understand from SupportUK that the options are the Obix service or Bacnet. For me they recommended bacnet as this is the first real job of this type. I am just setting up a test rig now.
    Basically I need to expose R2 data as a series of Bacnet points and then read from a backnet service in AX and create proxy points in the usual way. First time for me (having just completed the AX cert course).
    I suspect the same Bacnet approach will work for you. I'll keep you posted.
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