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    5-ton Bosch TA061 noise problem

    Quote Originally Posted by coolguysfl View Post
    Noise can be pesky to track down.

    If you've isolated the noise to the compressor, then all of the running characteristics need to be evaluated to include:

    1) Proper dehydration during install
    2) Proper charging
    3) Proper equipment match-ups
    4) Proper blower speed
    5) Proper duct sizing / static
    6) Proper line set sizing
    7) Common sense issues like line sets aren't pushed against a wall under the line set cover
    8) Have the compressor mounting bolts been loosened - that can help.

    It's a machine, it will make noise - you might consider relocating the condenser.

    You might ask your contractor to have the Factory rep take a look - maybe more than one case has been reported & there may be cure dealt out on an as need to know basis.

    Hello coolguysfl:

    We had a 5-ton Bosch TA061 (closed loop) geothermal installed in late February. The Copeland scroll compressor creats a low frequency throbbing/thrubbing sound throughout the house.

    Our installed is a pro, and the Bosch rep has been at our house twice. All eight points you raised have been addressed and the pros all tell us this is a "quiet" unit operating within specifications.

    As a last resort, two weeks ago we voided our 10-year warranty and re-located the compressor to the garage, 45' away from the unit. Unfortunately, the throbbing is coming right back into the house through the copper tubing.

    We installed a "vibration eliminator" which doesn't eliminate vibrations, it simply reduces the chances of broken connections caused by the startup vibration of the compressor. This weekend we installed a muffler on the discharge side of the compressor which reduced the noise decibels by 9%....not enough to matter.

    The tubing is insulated with a foam sleeve and is running in a floor joist. It's nearly impossible to hang it so it doesn't touch anything although I've done my best. To do a better job, I'll need to rip out lots of drywall ceiling but I'll do it if I can't find another solution.

    A couple of questions:

    1 - We have the compressor screwed down tightly to the concrete garage floor because we figured if it was on its original hard rubber base with set-off springs, it would only vibrate more. Does this make sense?

    2 - Do you know of any product that can short-circuit the vibration from the compressor to the tubing? The discharge side vibrates more than the other. A previous post mentions: "Lennox does have a pre-packaged noise suppression kit. It installs on the suction line in between the compressor and the service valves." Do you know if this works?

    3 - Do you have any other ideas that might help? If we don't find a solution, I'm going to pull this out and burn thou$ands of dollars.

    Thanks for your help and consideration.

    I know this subject has been posted many times and I've read most of them. Yours was one of the best so that's why I'm responding to you rather than starting a new post, but I will if you think that's the way to go.

    David in Ann Arbor, MI

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    Wrong thread, so post was irrelevant...sorry for that; beenthere remove my post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by udarrell View Post
    Wrong thread, so post was irrelevant...sorry for that; beenthere remove my post.
    Thanks for letting me know. If I understand you correctly, I'll try posting my issue as a new thread.


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    David, that was my error; not yours. I thought I was posting to a different thread...

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