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    puron compressor with R22 fan/coil unit

    The installer of my 2 1/2 ton Carrier heat pump supplied and installed a Puron coolant outdoor unit and supplied and installed a Carrier R 22 coolant fan/coil unit. Is this a proper installation and will the higher pressure Puron unit damage or cause premature failure of the fan/coil unit?

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    Most Carrier fan/coils are rated for both,the fan coil metering device would need to be changed.

    Post complete model numbers to see if it's a correct match,or ask your installer to show you that it is and ask about the metering device.

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    Dash, thanks for the reply and info. I will get the model numbers and post them.

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    Why did he do that?

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    Dash, I called in a new HVAC company and they said that the original installer did not install the proper control valve on the fan/coil unit to make it compatible with the Puron R14 compressor unit. They will install the new control valve and, hopefully, my installation will then be correct. The Carrier wholesale supplier in the area was really helpful in this matter. Thanks again for your help.

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