We are looking to install 2-3 ceiling concealed units in a large house. The key problem we have is dynamic range: the cooling/heating requirement can be a low as 1kW and as high as 10kW.

We are looking at units made by Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin and would like to understand the capacity line in the catalogues. Does "7.1 (3.3-8.1)kW" and "10.0 (4.9-11.4)kW" imply the minimum compressor output is 50% of nominal capacity (ie 4.9kW and 3.3kW)? Is it reasonable to assume this translates into minimum power consumption of 2.6kW*50% and 2.0kW*50%?

How can we estimate real min power consumption of an inverter unit? The manufactures only quote nominal power consumption at 7.1 and 10.0kW (I think with an outside temperature of 35 degrees/ 50% humidity). They do publish fan consumption figure of the concealed units but the compressor must consume something while it is idling once the target internal temperature has been reached.