Hi all,

I am not an HVAC professional although I have worked with many over the years of being a chief engineer and now owning my own commercial energy auditing biz. I am new to this forum and am looking for help with with installation of a Smartserver 2.0 to monitor energy use with later plans to expand and integrate HVAC and other building equipment into the controls scheme. My target clients are not the buildings that already have BAS or EMS already in place. I am looking mainly at condominiums that have nothing but some T-Stats to control their common area HVAC.

I have the iLon units, Wattnode units and current transformers. I am OK installing the current transformers and Wattnodes, but after that I hit the wall. I read the documentation for the servers but I do not have any software for them other than what may be on them. I cannot even get my laptop to recognize a Smartserver with a direct ethernet connection. I got them from an energy company that went out of business and did not get the software disk.

Any iLon controls guys in Miami-Dade or South Broward county want to earn a few bucks hooking up my first one or tutoring me?