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    Rheem modulating track record

    I've just met with the my first prospective contractor for a replacement furnace. I emphasized to him that temp distribution and noise level are two very high priorities for me in my 1200 sq ft cape.

    His recommendation, to address both of those problems, is the Rheem (or Ruud) Modulating furnace. Here's what I'm concerned about:

    1) How long has Rheem/Ruud been making these things? I've always hated being a guinea pig with a new design, whether it's cars, appliances or whatever. Since I'm going to have to live with this purchase for years I'm a little uneasy about going with a relatively new design, in spite of the benefits that I've read and heard about.

    2) How come nobody else makes a furnace of this design? As I understand it, this is the only modulating furnace in existence. True?

    As always, thanks for the opinions & advice.

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    Coleman - York have a modulating furnace TOO.

    Being they are a differant brand ......... they are not exactly the same as the Rheem - Rudd. Differant features and differant amounts of speeds it can modulate to.

    Which is better ??????? thats just a matter of opinion.

    Im not one to give advice on modulating furnaces.
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    From Rheem's history link ( )

    ... In 1998 Rheem's Air Conditioning Division introduced the patented Modulating 90 Plus gas furnace to the market, which maintains a home's temperature within 1/2 degree of the thermostat set point at all times, eliminates hot and cold spots and is extremely quiet.

    I had one installed in Dec and so far I'm very pleased with it ... definitely quiet and it just seems to "puff" the warm air throughout the house without you being aware of it's operation.

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    Rheem has had their mod out for along time.
    Rheem has the beter warranty.
    You must use the mod stat with Rheem for it to modulate.

    York has only had theirs out for just about ayear.
    Has more steps of modulation.
    Can use a regular t stat with it.
    Available with either a VS, or a multispeed blower motor.
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    Very Nice, But......

    there is no q's that this is one of the quietest furnaces on the market, but i am a bit skeptical of the modulating stages of 13 or me it seems to either run on 100% or variation in between and yes the capital "H' is present and yes i have the mod stat.....however the house is comfortable and you really have to be in tune to tell if it's running or not..... i think there are a few programming flaws in the stat, that hopefully will be worked out w/ a new revision....other then that it's a great combo....

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