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    She was working hard all day - could not screw this one up

    So we are to add air conditioning to this prepped home. Builder prepped electrical with no cover. We pulled the wire out and could not help but notice two birds flying in and out through this hole bringing in worms and such. We connected the disconnect and did not mount to the wall till this story has an ending. Did not want to be blamed for killing a bunch of baby birds in a nest in the wall plus the smell. She is going to call when it looks like they have moved out. Builder failed to use an enclosure type box as they just used a 3/4" one gang ring and mounted it to the stud. We make sure to never have electrical connections within the wall being it is not enclosed.

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    Good call, could be a while though, as my Grandpa tried to wait out some birds in his fireplace before using it. After about a month of chirpping he had someone remove them as they were stuck and couldnt fly up and out. Top of chimney is screened now. At least they can just hop/jump out the hole.

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