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    Opinions on my approach?

    PA House made of stone - approx 6500 sqft. Six people and a dog.

    Radiant in floor heat under hardwood floors. A/C through the duct system.

    1. I want to control humidity year round. I am comtemplating a ventilating dehumidifer (Therma-Stor Ultra-Aire) for the summer and a steam humidifier during the winter (looking for product recommendations). Both of these systems would use a/c ductwork - part of which is in uncondition attic space. I would imagine that the "uncondition" part is problematic, I just do not recall why?

    2. This house has 3 wood burning fireplaces. Do i need a ventilation solution (hrv/erv) or is there going to be alot of air already flowing in and out? I would characterize the building as being tight. I cannot seem to understand if bigger houses with more occupants need less or more ventilation or if it matters at all.

    3. For additional air quality, i am considering media and uv filters. any best practices on this topic?

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    Question I consider important

    These fireplaces, do you have provision for their combustion air? It would seem important to know where the air will come from to feed the fire.

    Separately, the people inside need a certain amount of fresh air input for health, there is an ASHRAE standard for how much. Everything I read from building science experts (e.g. Joe Lstiburek) says you will require a mechanical ventilation system for a tight house, even without fireplaces.

    Best wishes -- Pstu


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    sorry, yes there is a makeup air system for the fireplaces.

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    We have put the Therma-Stor Ultra-Aire APD in both attics and crawl spaces and have not had any negitive effects.
    Page 2 lists things that may need to be taken into consideration if putting in an unconditioned space, but they do not say you can not do it.

    As for the steam humidifyer, Im afrad I cant be of much help on that.
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