Yeah, sorry for the Shakespearean slip.... (got you to look though) I hope I'm asking for input in the right place--if not, I assume the mods here will move me or let me know...

Here's the story--I'll try to keep it brief.

My shop--6000 sq ft, basically a pole barn(insulated), open ceiling, 13.5ft high at the eaves. 3 phase power(240 delta)

I traded into two new(old stock)never installed/or used Carrier heat/air units, both 48TF, one is a ten ton(D012) and a 12 ton(E014). Both are 460v 3 phase. I'm in them for -0- dollars, btw. Too much temptation to make them work somehow.

I'd like to have a/c in the shop, as middle Tennessee gets hot an humid in the summer....and I ain't getting any younger....

You guys have any idea what pitfalls I'm apt to encounter? How might I make the Delta 3 phase run the 460? Is 22.5 tons enough? General advice?
Thanks in advance--I know nothing about the topic at hand(HVAC)--I do paint and body. If I can help any of you guys with questions of my area of expertise, by all means ask send me a pm and I'll do my best to help in return.