My installation guy came by early yesterday afternoon to evac and hopefully release the charge on my new HP. The 150# of nitrogen that he left in the system from Sunday morning was still there..(this is what he left in it after it held 300psi overnight) He "triple evacuated" the system then pulled it down to under 250 microns, closed the valve on the pump and let it sit. He said it bounced up quickly about 90 microns, then stopped rising....sort of. I grabbed him a beer (he is a friend of my neighbor, so I have gotten to know him quite well over the years) and we proceeded to watch it very slowly continue to rise. (at least it seemed slow to me - maybe 5 microns every 90 seconds) 3 hours later the micron gauge read 1150. My guy kinda shrugged it off and said "We'll tackle it Saturday"... So my question is: Could this be a small leak in my system? Small leak in HIS system? Condensibles? Normal? thanks, Mike.