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    SEER 13 vs SEER 16 2-stage condenser?

    I live in Southern California, San Fernando Valley, zipcode 91352. I am getting a AC split system installed on Monday in a house that has no AC at this time. What I need help with is this, do I go with a SEER 13 basic system, or do I pay $ more for a SEER 16 2-stage condenser. I get $300 tax credit and $300 from DWP(local power company)if I get the 16. Do you think I will be able to get my $ back threw the energy savings of a SEER16 2-stage system?

    I both would be Goodman 3 ton systems.

    At my last residence in a cando I used about $350 worth of electricity a year @ about $0.12 per kwh but I'm not sure what size system and seer system I had, but the condenser was replaced 2010.
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    California Energy Codes say minimum 13 SEER for your original 2010 condenser. SEER is cooling capacity divided by watts of power used, so a 16 SEER should theoretically use 23% less electricity than a standard 13 SEER (~$80 savings). 2 stage is also great when you have more mild day and you don't need all 3 tons.

    Now, you are changing out the furnace too right? The manufacturer tests their condensers and furnace combos to get that SEER rating... so a highly efficient condenser won't be as efficient if the furnace fan draws a lot of electricity.
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