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Thread: a/c coil sizing

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    a/c coil sizing

    I have read in this forum about the practice of mating an a/c unit with a higher rated coil, with the statement that an overage of a half ton was acceptable.

    As part of a total heating-a/c system replacement (Infinity 96), it was proposed that an a/c unit (3-ton) be mated with a coil of 4-ton rating, which would result in greater efficiency. Is there a point (+1-ton) where it is no longer efficient to do so?

    I had laboriously put together a long post (over an hour) which was lost while changing screens to login. If this one goes through, I can follow up with the rest of the post.

    In an unrelated question, could you comment on set back practices. I currently set back 11 degrees at bedtime (7+ hours). At what point during the day does it make sense, or not make sense to set back for a period of say 1 - 4 hours, of up to 5 degrees?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I'll broach on it a little. Others will get more descriptive.

    1st thing to do: Have them perform a Manual J heat loss analysis.

    2: Zoning the bedrooms separate from the rest of the house is actually a good idea.

    3: NEVER set-back more than 6 degrees in my opinion. Makes the furnace/AC work too hard to get back to setpoint otherwise.

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