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    One I walked away from last year.

    I have no idea what the heating problem was, I told them I wouldn't diagnose the problem, or attempt to put the unit back into operation, until the installation was made safe.
    They didn't want me to give them a price for fixing the installation, so I walked away from it.

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    I wonder if the power company should have been notified? The sad part is that whomever installed the system probably wasn't the low bid.

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    This looks like a 'Brother-In-Law' install!

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    Some installs are just 'hacky' (yeah, that is not really a word)... however:

    This one is truly dangerous.

    Good call Mark... I think I would have done the same thing... except sent the pics to the gas co. Around here... they would have shut off the meter and locked it until a permit, repairs, and an inspection was done... That means NO hot water either...

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