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    more govt intrusions, by republican limiting civil rights of individuals

    JOHN MCPAIN presidential biggot hopeful, wants to legislate from the executive branch,
    rather, than let the courts do their intended jobs!
    talk about exercising uncontrollable power over the people, over the persons individuals rights,,,
    typical republicant!

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    if it's a civil right, I'm sure that Je$$e will be around shortly

    overturning Roe wouldnt limit anyone's civil rights. are you just swallowing whenever you get the chance or what? Each of our 50 states has laws on their respective books. In most of those states, abortion is legal. In the ones where it is not, so what? Why are you wringing your hands over it? If the people of that state can't get abortion passed, maybe they don't want it passed.
    Roe was and is an activist decision, it is bad law. It is a case in point why the Framers wanted the Judicial to be the weakest of the three branches.
    And since when is murder a civil right?
    It's great to be alive and pumping oxygen!

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