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    Energy Management for Small Commercial Buildings

    Our team at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is looking for HVAC contractors interested to demonstrate the Energy Management Package for Small Commercial Buildings that we have developed as part of a Department of Energy funded research project. The Package was designed in conjunction with partners in the HVAC industry to deploy basic energy management strategies (benchmarking, monitoring of whole building energy use data) to identify low-cost operational savings opportunities at low transaction cost and without requiring the installation of onsite monitoring equipment.

    If you service the small commercial sector (buildings 50,000 sf or less) and are interested to learn more, please check out an introductory webinar or the package itself at the project website: or contact me at for more information. Thanks!

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    Can we use an OEM boardof in an existing Staging and Zoning machine at about half the cost of others?
    Process cooling: NO COMPRESSORS Earth-Coupled since 1996
    ... however, much still needs to be hybridized energy transfer.

    CLOSED LOOP 2015 listed EER's
    even 49+ now; and "blended from low to high variable speeds" for 32deg.F ~ E-Star

    Perhaps you need a 32F Chiller/HW-Heat: buy a GEO-T Heat Pump (GHP with Heat-Recovery) and Bosch/Carrier and

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