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Even better, they should be required to measure static pressure, show the refrigerant data (temps & pressures) and certify the unit after installation. If static pressure is high, you can recalculate the nominal efficiency ratings due to increased blower power consumption or on a PSC motor the reduced capacity.

Unfortunately until it is required by DOE this will not take place. The majority of all dealers do not have the competency to comply. The manufactures need to move boxes and these requirements even though I agree should be mandated will not be implemented by the manufacturer.

The only current way is to educate the consumer and have them demand it from the dealer. If the dealer can not comply with the requirements, call another. When the dealer can not sell equipment to the consumer then changes will be made.
As long as consumers are more concerned with who's $50 cheaper it will never happen. I don't know how many times I have educated the HO, it looked like they were going my direction and the next thing I know I hear is "Well we know we should make these changes but right now we just need to get it going." Then they go cheap, the problems that caused it to fail in the first place goes unrepaired.