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    Oil Furnace Timer

    Years later..... No one seems to have answered the original question, which I also have. I have the same setup - oil heat, tankless boiler, and indirect hot water. All other issues aside, can't my Beckett burner be set up with a timer to shut all heating down. ( I have programmable thermostats, but the boiler still maintains a 104 degree temp that isn't necessary). I flip the emergency switch every day, but want an automated way to do it. Tried a cheap timer (rated for 15 amps), but only managed to weld the contacts together. Are there heavier duty timers or a power relay I can time that don't cost a fortune?
    Thanks guys.

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    Made this its own thread.

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    How about some photo's of the equipment, in particular the aquastat

    A lot of people have timers on their pool filter that would certainly handle an oil burner.

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    What are you trying to accomplish? You dont want the boiler to maintain temperature? What happens when the indirect calls for domestic hot water? Don't you have a recovery issue? Like Ron said, tell us more about your equipment, but if recovery isnt your problem, and you have an aquastat on the indirect, then it can probably be done with your controls and you can avoid a timer.
    BTW, depending on what type of boiler you have, changing it to cold start may cause more problems then you are trying to solve.

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    Made this its own thread.

    You are not permitted to post in other peoples threads in the AOP forums. Please read our site rules, thank you.
    Sorry, had trouble finding how to start a new thread. Will read the rules more carefully.

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    Believe I heard that - will consider. Will get back with pix if I consider alternatives. Thanks a lot.

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    This is primarily a warm weather plan. Recovery is not a major problem, and, in effect, with my indirect system all I'm looking for is to heat up 40 gal of water once a day (at 4AM - more than enough for 1-2 people) and not maintain that and the core at 105 - 125 degrees.

    I now have a timer on the indirect zone valve now, so lowering the aquastat settings might get me close to where I want to be as you say. Point taken on the cold start - I have had concerns about that and will consult with a local before I go any further.

    Excellent points from you and Ron. I appreciate your insights.

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