Buy the Fieldpeice HS36. They have everything you need and are good sturdy product. Learn how to use the meter properly. I find more electrical problems then I do refrigerant problems. Spend the 50 bucks for the yellow jacket ball valves to go on the end of your hoses. I can't even begin to explain in words how useful they those little ball valves are. Make sure when you get hoses you get some that are at least 6ft.

You don't need 500 dollar digital gauges right out of the gate and I would suggest for a starter it will gimp your growth.

If you get digital gauges first, you wont have a set of analog backups, you wont gain that repetitive experience doing superheat and sub-cooling calculation, cause when you don't have a set of digital gauges you will be lost. Plus, the new guy always ends up breaking expensive tools until they learn how important their tools are and how to properly take care of them.

Your company should supply Vacuum pump, Recover unit, Recovery tank, Weight Scale, Micron gauge, Nitrogen regulator and tank, and Torch set, however, you need a savings account that is separate from all the rest of your money.

You should plan on sticking 75-100 bucks a paycheck in it. I learned a long time ago that companies buy cheap and cheap usually doesn't get the job done, without some complication.

Plan on buying one really expensive item to make your job faster or easier after the first year then every 6 months following. Start with things like good power tools sets. I like Makita 18v hammer drill and impact set. Talk to the people you work with. What is their most useful tool? Why? What do they want they can't get and why?