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    Should i do this?

    I was approached recently by a company that does install / service on commercial and residental appliances, pool / spa, minor plumbing, minor electrical and small a/c and heating. I have been doing industrial maintenance for the 20 years i have been in the navy and the thought never crossed my mind about doing "service technician" work because so far the only companys i have interviewed with have been commercial/resi HVAC companys like trane and honeywell. Before i accept an interview with this company i would like to know how is it working for one of these jack of all trades type companys? How much do you learn? How is the pay? I want to make a educated decision.

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    resi? run, forrest, run.

    that job sounds like a we will work on anything job. I guess the question is, what would keep you content?
    how much residential is there? do you like hanging out right next to litter boxes, moving people's accumulated junk of their lives, extra TVs (dinosaurs), aberc/fitch bags laying about, fragile garbage like ornaments and you get to wade thru that cal trying to find the furnace that the h.o. couldn't find if their lives depended on it, but it's definitely an emergency ....
    sorry, i guess i'm still venting on my resi experiences..
    would that new job have a way for you to live contentedly?
    learning on the fly may be all in a day's work for us some days, but how
    type A is the manager/owner on slow times when you could get a coffee and read up on the manuals and suck up the tech support on whatever you're looking at?
    It's great to be alive and pumping oxygen!

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