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    Looks nice only thing I would add is painting the suctionline insulation outside with the armorflex brand paint.

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    Our only issues were on the newer sta furnaces. Hundreds installed, maybe 2 or 3 callbacks. All with return on left side. I was just curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClimateCntlJohn View Post
    I like, sweet and neat line set!
    I agree with climatecntljohn nice line set. Some days I think my company is the only ones with tube benders. Nice to see some else use them. That's the kind of tradesman I like to quote against. Two honest guys offering quality product.

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    Very nice! The install tech takes pride in his work. Well done

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    Nice clean install!
    I like the document holder. Where did you get it?
    Never give up; Never surrender!

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    No inspections? Even on gas changeouts?

    Quote Originally Posted by jimmyed View Post
    Yet to put one of the new controls on. That would be a 3ton 2stage. Little shorter. Only maybe 32" square? Instead of the 35" heatpumps.

    Thanks for the compliments.

    No inspections here for changeouts. Flat surfaces are sealed with foam tape, as in furnace to coil, coil adaptor, furnace to base, furnace to filter, b-end to filter.... Do have to mastic new systems. Stuff looks like poop.

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    Office supply place has the paper packets.

    No, no inspections. Only on new construction.

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