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    Lennox CBX32MV - Critical Alert

    Critical Alert Code: 292
    Indoor Blower Start Problem.
    At least the unit tells me it's the blower. Bad part is I'm out of warranty, sweating M.A.Off and to make matters worse, I live in South America were I can count good techs with one hand.

    Ok so I got that error code and finally a second one, #402 (pressure trip) probably due to the frost that formed inside the Air Handler as the blower failed to start.

    Ok, what do you make of this? The blower tries to start slowly even when in test mode. It moves in very small life shaking movements back and forth and then runs slowly with a bumping sound as its turning. Velocity is at this moment slower than in circulation mode or dehumidification mode. I can make it spin faster with a push of my hand to be exact. Sounds like something inside the blower is loose or out of balance.

    Is it fixable? Might this be something electrical or have to do anything with the interior chips or board.? Is this going to be something I can trust any tech to fix or is it going to be safer just to replace the blower?

    Anyone had similar problems and sound that comes out of a variable speed unit that might help diagnose?

    Thanks in advance to everyone and all their answers....


    AirHandler: CBX32MV 60BTU
    O.D. Unit: XC21-60BTU
    Thermostat: Comunicating iComfort
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