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    Worth it to step up to Amana or Trane vs. Goodman GMV9500704C?

    I've posted on here over the last few years after dissatisfaction that I had with the new system I got in 2009. At the time, we were thinking of moving and I went with a single system in a two story house and it sucks. Blower is set to max (4 tons) for AC to overcome ductwork made for 2.5 tons max with static pressure near 1.0 inch of H20. I've decided that there is no real way to fix it other than replace it. I've had multiple quotes over the last couple of years for Amana, Bryant, and American Standard systems. I'm hoping to actually do something this time around. The company I feel the best about gave me a quotation today. They are a Trane dealer, but also do a lot of Goodman and some Amana and Rheem. I asked for a quote for both Trane and Amana and ended up with a Goodman quote only. The estimator is very busy and he did do a load calculation so I'm looking closely at it. I need 2 tons downstairs and 2 tons upstairs. This is going into a 1900 square foot house, pretty much the same square footage up and down, 950 give or take. Built in 1987 and considered average efficiency-wise. 9 supplies upstairs and 9 supplies downstairs.

    Second Floor:
    Goodman CHPF3636 coil
    MBVC1200 variable speed blower
    Goodman SSZ14024 heat pump

    First Floor:
    Goodman GMV950704C Variable speed 95 AFUE furnace
    CAPF3636C coil
    Goodman SSZ14024 heat pump

    Warranty is 10 years parts, 10 years on compressor, 1 year on labor

    The only thing I don't like is that the Goodman furnace is kind of a one size fits all. It's a 21.5 inch case and is made to handle 2 to 4 tons. I know that the corresponding Amana furnace is exactly the same. From what I can tell other brands don't have a single blower that's good for that range of sizes. Is it worth it for me to investigate pricing on stepping up to Amana (I know it's made by Goodman, but the built in warranty is better with replacement on some parts) or Trane? My gut tells me to seek out Trane, but I do understand that it's all in the installation. The cheapest parts installed properly are better than the best parts installed by a jack-leg.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    If you want the bells and whistles then its worth it. When you buy a car do you go with a base model chevy with manual crank windows and no CD player or do you go for the Cadillac with power everything, heated seats, sunroof and 10 disk cd changer with tvs and iPod docks or get something in between. If it were me id go with single stage ~14-16 seer ~9hspf heat pump with some of the sound deadening technology and high and low pressure switches and a 95% single stage furnace with ac (with same bells as heat pump). I would use York LX series but that's just because that's the brand I sell, am most comfortable with and have best distributer support for in my area. The brand doesn't much matter, the biggest decision is finding a good installing contractor, talk with them about your options(different bells and whistles you'll get with x brand/line vs. y brand/line , find what fits your wants, needs and budget and go with it. Most brands have at least 3 lines, good (builder line,bare minimum base model) better (some bells and whistles) best (all bells and whistles 2 stage compressor etc.)

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    Thanks for the reply. As for bells and whistles, all I want in an air handler and furnace is variable speed which automatically gets me into the nicer stuff. I'd also like for them to be on the quieter side. That means a 95% two-stage furnace for downstairs and variable speed air handler upstairs. I'm also looking at 14 Seer heat pumps for both as I feel that's the best bang for the buck since they achieve 15 SEER ratings with variable speed based on AHRI match. I've already got one honeywell 8000 programmable thermostat and would like another one for upstairs. I think the Goodman furnace and air handler I was quoted are both comfortnet units. However, the heatpumps are not since they are single stage. I'm willing to step up within reason, but not if we're talking more than 10% in total price.

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