I have a Amana PGD24C0902D gas-electric package unit for heat and AC that is acting strange.

The furnace seems to work fine.
Whenever I'm trying to cool and the condenser fan kicks on the blower fan turns off, even with the fan on "on". After the blower motor stops, if I turn the switches to "heat" and "on" the fan will not start. I turn the heat/ac switch back to off and then cycle the fan switch back and forth a several times and the blower will start working (on "on") again. I've jumpered red and green with no luck. When cycling the on/auto back and forth if the relay doesn't "click" the fan doesn't start, when the relay "clicks" the fan does start. I did put a new universal 220 AC blower motor in this winter. Not sure if I could have screwed something up there? Any suggestions? I see the circuit board is no longer available. What's the easiest way to jumper the motor until I can get a new unit if that is what is what I need to do?

Thank you in advance.