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Yea I would obviously have to take the day off form work to attend. I was wondering the same thing.. What are the vendors like? New product give aways or something exciting? What about the classes? Who is talking about what?
Pascone10 -- We have absolutely the largest industry resdential / light commercial trade show with vendors bringing HVAC, hydronics, and plumbing products from around the country. Check out the exhibitor list here. It's alphabetical by company name and should be very easy to find whomever you're looking for.

Regarding the classes, we have a boat load of them. Click here to see a list of the speakers and the topics they'll be talking about.

Plus you'll love the parties, the networking opportunities, food, and cools stuff like our Harley giveaway.

So come on down to Philly. It will definately be worth your time.